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Lisa Mashia is a t-shirt and women's apparel lifestyle brand. Lisa found her niche at age 15 as a fashion designer. Inspired by fashion designer, teacher, and mentor Claudette Karriem Lisa Mashia took its form. Lisa loves art and loves bringing that creativity to fashion. Lisa Mashia has globally been featured in fashion shows in various cities such as Atlanta, Memphis, New York, London and abroad. 


Lisa Mashia gives customers limited edition design that empowers women. The brand represents BOSS no matter what your passion is or career you choose. The t-shirts represent all walks of life in a unique way, that represent individuality. Lisa Mashia is more than just a brand but a movement of women that can't be reckoned with.


Dealing with the struggles and challenges life brings it's hard work becoming successful. Her desire as a designer is to create a t-shirt line that represent women to be confident and keep pushing, and moving forward. Lisa wanted to pay respect through fashion to all women and there GRIND. Lisa Mashia will continue to develop and maintain a distinctive brand internationally and adhere to high quality design.





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